Hello world!

This is a sesame seed ball, a tasty pastry that originated in China. The Chinese have different names for it (e.g. jin deuijian duimatuanma yuanjen daijin dui, and–my personal favorite–zhimaqui). It is made out of sticky rice flour, rolled into a ball, covered with sesame seeds and fried. (Think munchkins, but better!) Its consistency is simultaneously chewy and crispy–very yin yang. Inside, it is filled with either lotus paste, black bean or red bean paste. Lotus paste is my favorite; it is also the only one that I have had the pleasure to try. 🙂 I have been around pastries all my life (I grew up in a bakery, between the sweet pastry displays and the oven-warm bread carts), so my taste buds were ecstatic to discover this little and funny looking ball of yumminess.

My taste buds are extremely grateful to my friend Yu, who introduced them to this ball of awesomeness during last weekend’s dim sum and to whom this blog is dedicated. I am also indebted to Yu for, accidentally and quite unaware, gifting me the name for this blog along with the daily gift of her friendship. “Everything in life can be made kung fu,” she said through her 3D glasses as we watched Kung Fu Panda 2. Hmmm…Everything in life can be made kung fu. I have been lucky to receive this, along with many other tidbits of wisdom, from Yu. Thus, I have chosen the occasion of her birthday to start this blog.  Friendship begets friendship.

This blog is dedicated to the idea of INSPIRED LIVING. It is also dedicated to all those friends, like Yu, whom I have made in my sometimes clumsy and awkward attempts at being human and who have made my life all the richer by sharing with me their time, life stories, idiosyncrasies, and, above all, their unique form of love.

Everybody Kung Fu!


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